CRPP - Collaborative raster painting protocol

CRPP is network protocol for shared raster drawing among many people (users) in real-time. It means that several people can draw to same canvas in same time.


Protocol is distributed under free/liberal licence. Anybody can use it for free. See next paragraph.

Protocol and his documentation is distributed under licence GNU FDL version 1.3 or greater. Current version of GNU FDL can be found on web address All texts of this web are distributed under GNU FDL version 1.3 or greater too. Source code of this web is distributed under licence GNU GPL version 3. Text of licence GNU GPL version 3 is on site All source files are free to download from our public GIT repository. See section versioning (GIT) on this page.

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CRPP protocol documentation

Documentation is under development. Its current version you can download on our GitHub repository

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Versioning (GIT)

All project git repository is on GitHub ( Use "git clone git://" command to get current version.


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